Thursday, March 15, 2007

How Time Flies!

Well in this little posting lull (having attempted to give up blogging and all things net for Lent, failed impressively, and then not really got going again properly) I seem to have missed my first birthday! Yes... it was indeed a year ago that the Teapot began its life of random reflection over a cup of tea - in fact I wouldn't like to say quite how many cups of tea I've mentioned over the course of this year! Anyway, it was on March 12th 2006 that I made my first post - it only seems like 5 minutes ago - but I'm sure that much has happened in that time. So, in honour of the occassion I'm travelling back in time...

In March 2006 there was...
...the first sign of my VW Camper obsession (and just the other day my mum bought me another one - a money box!).
...a wonderful recording of John Betjeman reciting his 'Diary of a Church Mouse' - one of the Teapot's most Googled posts!
...a Dave Walker original (and so apt!).
...a hint of black eyeliner!
...that street again.
And strangely enough a pair of posts on the same things I went in the garden for today... though one year ago the cat was proving slightly more photogenic (though still pretty unco-operative)and the daffs were out in force!

March 2007 (see what I mean?):

Stand still and smile for the camera!

A little bit of spring has sprung!

And the garden seems to be the same sort of wilderness it was a year ago too!


At April 04, 2007 1:09 pm, Blogger Majic said...

You reminded me that I missed my blog's birthday too! I started mine on 5th March 2006, and the poor thing has been sadly neglected lately. I could always say I had given it up for Lent, I suppose, but truth is I haven't posted a thing since Christmas! Just been so busy, but must try harder, as I used to really enjoy my 'blogging'. I don't normally give up anything for Lent - having already given up wheat, sugar, dairy and alcohol. Do you think I'm excused?!


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