Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tagged to tell you...

...5 things you didn't know about me! Yes, this tag has come from Shaz - along with a little hint in the comments of my 'Maureen Lipman' post that I am being too slow in producing said 5 things that you don't know about me! So here you go then...

1. I *love* peeling skin! You know when you've got a bit burnt and the skin starts peeling - well bring it here! I'll happily do mine or anyone else's and the bigger the sheets of skin the better! (This is quite odd really seeing as I'd be pretty squeamish about most other yukky bits of people!).

2. I was a 'casualty kid'. Yes, one of those who had lots of trips to the hospital - but I think I did a particularly good job of the ridiculous... broken elbow from running round a washing line post and running off without letting go first!! Concussion when about 3 years old from falling off a wooden trolley at playgroup onto my head (says a lot doesn't it!), broken wrist from roller skating down a hill backwards... in my defence - it was a very impressive turn at the bottom that lead to the breakage... and there was the few moments of unconciousness at school from getting whacked round the head with a hockey stick - but no casualty visit with that one!

3. I have a very bizarre and varied taste in music - which is one of my greatest loves in life (despite the fact that I don't play anything myself!). I love classical (especially violins which send shivers down my spine), country, indie, rock (bring on those guitars and that fantastic bass!), easy listening, folk, dance, ska, garage, a bit of rap if it's exceptional (it's such as Eminem that allows me to list rap at all)... etc etc! (I nearly went off on a specifics for each category then... but that will make no. 3 too long!).

4. I was once a Venture Scout. I was not a very good Venture Scout - I didn't get any award type things and didn't put a lot of effort in - but from it I got my love of camping and hill walking. These are two of the things I love most in the world and it was at Ventures that I got the bug. To be fair to myself, I did enjoy and put a lot of effort into the 'service' aspect of Ventures and remember all the time we spent at a local house for adults with learning difficulties. I can also remember (blurrily!) the amount of time we spent in the pub (though that crossed over into the 'bunch of friends' aspect - as we were always being told NOT to go in uniform and bring Scouting into disrepute!)

5. I think you probably know by now that I was a bit of a Goth in my youth (and still have a fondness for black eyeliner!) but I suppose I could tell you about the time (when I was 16) when I went to a 'Doctor and the Medics' concert at the good old Hammersmith Palais, with my slightly older cousin. We had left her car at Redbridge tube station and got the tube in the rest of the way. Unfortunately, coming home, the tubes were only running as far as Wanstead, so we hitched a lift with a lorry driver up to Redbridge station. I told my mum this a few years ago and she nearly passed out!

I suppose I could provide a conclusion to all this... If I can end up as clergy then God must have a right good sense of humour! :D


At February 08, 2007 8:19 pm, Blogger Shaz said...

Worth waiting for, well done & thanks. No. 3 makes me want to tell how I have a love of Steel Bands but Andy keeps telling me not to go public with this. Opps! I've secretlt promised myself I'll take lessons one day x

At February 09, 2007 9:22 pm, Anonymous Beki said...

I will NEVER give up my black eyeliner!


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