Monday, March 27, 2006

Contrasting Signs in the Garden

Feeling somewhat lacking in blog inspiration today I thought I'd go in the garden (for garden read 'meadowy type chaotic wilderness place!') to ponder a daffodil or two!
Here for you are my signs of Spring... (British Summer Time ha ha!)

This lead me on to other ponderings in the 'garden'. Not only were there visible signs of Spring, but also visible signs of Saturday Night:

I am delighted (if you are not used to the English form of 'wit' - I am being 'ironic' here... 'sarcastic' - never!!) to be able to offer a handy fence, over which cans (predominantly) and burger wrappers can be lobbed. There are very clear signs that the tipple of choice for the natives (of the alleyway) is Stella! At least they miss the daffs when lobbing the cans over!


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