Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Hidden Goth

For all you one-time Goths out there what do you make of the following quote from an article on Goths and how they turn out?:

"The moment their teenage son or daughter dyes their hair black and starts getting creative with eyeliner can be a nightmare for parents. But a report suggests it should be a time for celebration. Goths are likely to grow up to be doctors, lawyers or architects, the study by Sussex University says. They are refined and sensitive, keen on poetry and books, not big on drugs or anti-social behaviour. They are also likely to carry on being goths into their adult life. They have an ability to express their feelings and are believers in romance rather than one-night stands, it says. In fact, the only things dark about them are their clothing and their sarcastic sense of humour. " (Read more by clicking the title link above - and the woman in their picture doesn't look like a Goth to me - far too bright!!).

It's scarily accurate in my case! Having gone from black hair, black clothes, black make-up - but purple lips! (and should have taken out shares in black eye-liner), shopping in Carnaby Street (when it was an 80's Goth shopping 'paradise'), boots with buckles up to the knee, lots of crushed velvet, nights at Kentish Town & Country club and Hammersmith Palais, much listening to The Cult and The Mission (and even Doctor and the Medics!) - I seem to have emerged a responsible member of the community (though not a doctor, lawyer or architect). I also fit with the liking of poetry and books and was never into drugs or (significant!) anti-social behaviour! I haven't carried on being a Goth into adulthood (though there is still that 'hidden goth' tucked away somewhere!) - but I do still wear a lot of black (I found a job that positively encourages it - and I'm not a nun!).


At March 27, 2006 2:53 pm, Anonymous Neil said...

I was a rubbish goth, I went to the right clubs for a while, and liked the right brand of industrial/techno, but couldn't bear to wear too much black, or look too miserable.


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