Monday, March 13, 2006

Great use of a Camper Van!

'Mobile minister' drawing crowds
"Reverend Lockett writes his sermons while he is travelling. A curate has hit upon an unusual way of spreading the gospel message - by taking it to his flock in a VW camper. "
For some strange reason I quite like these weird looking camper vans so was pretty impressed to find one being put to such good use (follow the link for full story). I quite fancy drifting around making cups of tea out of it and chatting to whoever passes by. (By the way the reference again to cups of tea is purely accidental... but pretty fitting I suppose as this is 'The Teapot'!)
There was a rather funky little stall at Greenbelt last year selling great little model VW Campers - nearly bought one - perhaps I will do this year - until I can afford the real thing.

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