Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow (Hey Oh)...

Sorry, how could I miss the opportunity to use a Chilli Peppers classic for the title (which I am of course listening to)!
The garden looks absolutely stunning this morning, but of course my cheap little camera (and 'impressive' photographic skills) couldn't do it justice at all. The photo looks very dark when in fact outside is a big, white, bright glow!
TeenSon is a happy chap this morning due to his school being closed! I got told off earlier for regaling him with tales of 'when I was at school...' Well! I remember having one snow day while I was at secondary school (and I'm sure it used to snow a lot more) - they're such a load of lightweights now... But who am I to spoil the delight of finding out that school is closed!
He also got, "you might be at home on my day off, but... " kind of stuff from me... but well - it's MY much needed selfish space (and mums out there won't be surprised at the number of "muuum"s I've heard already!). I'm so glad I did my shopping online last night... the chocolate should be here soon!


At February 08, 2007 5:06 pm, Blogger The Birdwatcher said...

We had both the young people off this morning, though they got half way to school before finding out it was closed! They are keeping an eagle eye on the weather forecast in the hope that there will be more snow and they can stay off tomorrow. Mrs BW is hoping for rain or a heat wave. :)

At February 08, 2007 8:22 pm, Blogger Shaz said...

Grrr I hate invasion of my fortnightly week day off. It's not selfish but the ickle bit of time where I regain some of my lost sanity & kids + snow = more washing/drying


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