Monday, February 12, 2007

Mission Statements

The brilliant Diamond Geezer has been blogging today about the necessity of blog mission Statements! Of course mission statements - those 'wonderful' short, sharp summaries of life, are rife (no rhyme intended) but can be useful. Hmmm, though before I get onto the mission statement for the Teapot, I wonder if I have considered carefully my mission statement for the day? Perhaps this: "To work hard, fully live the day and get to nightfall satisfied with my being and doing!" It's alright I suppose (and yes has been totally edited from my original version!), but makes no mention of food preparation, the half term parental taxi-service and trying to tame a wild washing pile and wild house in general, so only mediocre (though I suppose they would come under 'fully living the day', haha). Perhaps I should try my parenting mission statement instead: "To attempt with all reasonable effort not to mess up my son in the task of his upbringing, but to embarass him at all times and in all places, according to the secret rules."* Yes, that's a bit better I suppose. And so to the actual task in hand... a blog mission statement - that short, sharp, gripping statement that summarises all that the Teapot is about. Of course, I have a dream to be a brilliant writer, full of witty, intelligent, informative and spiritually enlightening insights - but you may not have noticed those, so better not go there. I quite fancy being one of those bloggers who has an insightful comment to make on current affairs, the political climate, church life and international intrigues, but I suppose they don't exactly form the bulk of words round here so that won't do. Perhaps I need to think smaller... I've got a cup of tea, I'm rambling some random thoughts, so how about "Random thoughts posted in a Tea Break"? But that's what's been at the top of the Teapot from day one... so a waste of time that was! Perhaps no-one'll notice if I change it though... "Brilliant, insightful and gripping observations on life, politics and contemporary culture by one of the nations foremost writers." Yes, alright, you can stop laughing now - I'll leave it as it is!

*Of course, I'm joking - when I embarass him it's purely accidental!


At February 13, 2007 2:08 am, Anonymous Chelley said...

Grrr... I just went to edit my own post and the Blogger powers-that-be won't let me in at all now unless I upgrade to the new Blogger type thing. I like the old one and I'm not going to fiddle around now (it's late) so my edits to reassure that I *was* joking about the nature of parenting, and to adapt my "mission statement for the day" bit to refer to ministry and God rather than just 'work', will have to wait! Grrr (did I already say that?)

At February 13, 2007 3:46 pm, Anonymous Chelley said...

Well, I had to upgrade last night in the end anyway, as I couldn't log out until I had!!


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