Thursday, November 30, 2006

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Yes, you are indeed an observant one... this is the 100th post on the Teapot!
In hindsight I have considered that it might have been rather amusing to blog about the loo rolls as an underimpressive 100th post... but no, that one has the unremarkable position of no.99.
So, in honour of 100 "random thoughts in a tea break" I bring to you some significant hundreds... beginning with Kevin Pietersen's fantastic test cricket Ashes maiden century!! (Er, boys... could we have a few more please?).

"In the fifth and final Test of the Ashes at The Oval on 12 September 2005, Pietersen did not contribute significantly in the first innings. In the second innings, however, with the stakes at their highest (England would regain the Ashes for the first time in 16 years if they could bat the day out) Pietersen scored his maiden Test century with 158, securing the match and the series for England."

...and I have that on DVD... might have another watch later.

And moving on to the Top 100 UK Adverts.
I can't say I was very inmpressed to see those bloomin' irritating Duracell rabbits going "on and on and on..." at number 32; but Maureen Lipman as Beattie with her wonderful 'Ology' is in there at number 14 - one of my all time favourites! And here it is (click twice in the middle, but not a double-click):

Back to sport now for the England footballers who have made it to and beyond 100 caps. No-one's bang on 100 at the moment - but the ones who have topped it are the greats: Peter Shilton (125), Bobby Moore (108), Bobby Charlton (106) and Billy Wright (105). David Beckham was approaching his cap century but looks like he won't be making it now - David Beckham (94).

There are some highly amusing entries on the Top 100 April Fool Hoaxes! Pick a favourite... I am somewhat amused by number 3, among others!

It wouldn't be right to have a top 100s here without considering at least one rundown of the Top 100 UK Bloggers. Glad to see that Dave's made it in at no. 43, Annie at no. 49 and Diamond Geezer at no. 59. Well, at least the one little link from the Teapot added a drop in the ocean to their popularity!!

Then there's the Greatest 100 Kid's Programmes, the Top 100 Books and the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes.
Oh, and if you fancy a bit of shopping, Ebay can find you some "100th" items to buy (but you'll have to search for that one)!

And there you have it - 100 posts on the Teapot and 100 of a few other random type things for your latest tea break! Time to put the kettle on again I think...


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