Monday, November 27, 2006

Lovely Loo Roll!

Ok, so don't tell me there's no variety round here!
A couple of weeks ago I received a thank you gift of a £20 M&S voucher. That was very nice and I decided to spend it on some nice foody bits as a treat (M&S food being beyond my budget generally, and some treats are always appreciated considering the strict gluten-free diet I'm on). So today I trotted off (if you can trot in a car) to the giant M&S near us and picked myself some tasty (GF) pre-prepared salads and potatoes and nice meats, as well as TeenSon's favourite treat. While I was wandering around I remembered we needed some loo rolls and deciding there was no way I was venturing into the packed huge Tesco next door just for loo rolls, decided to get those in M&S too. Well, I was quite pleased with the white ones with cute little shoals of blue fish swimming along, so decided that extravagent loo roll was in order seeing as it was all a treat type thing! (Little things please little minds, as they say!). Anyway, that was me quite satisfied with a bit of 'luxury' shopping, so I headed home.

Now, as I put it all away, another thought struck me. My mum has been asking me for ages what I'd like for Christmas... I'd managed to eventually decide upon some lovely new DMs... admire them here (which I can't wear 'til I've got them back and unwrapped them on Christmas Day!). But I hadn't been able to think of any little bits when asked... so, I thought, hmmm, what about the lovely loo rolls! Feeling rather efficient for a change, I phoned my mum before I forgot again, explained my little shopping trip, and said that it would be lovely if she wanted to get me some more cute blue fishy loo rolls from M&S for Christmas! (You know - something I wouldn't normally buy for myself).

(A little bit of background information at this point... I am a Christian as you have probably picked up already if you've read the Teapot before, the only 'active, church-going' Christian in my immediate family, and I try as best I can to live according to certain considerate values and try not to get too sucked into the consumerism of our time. This is something I just try and do, I don't go on at my family or anything - just explain my actions when invited to).

So, having mentioned the nice loo rolls to my mum, she said to me... "Is it appropriate for you to have posh loo rolls with fish on with all the starving children in Africa!" So there's me thinking I wasn't being too greedy with my simple request to a question I keep getting asked... no laptop, or requests for expensive gear... just loo rolls - and that's what I get :D (my mum is lovely by the way - last year she kept asking what I'd like and I kept saying that a new set of saucepans would be lovely, seeing as mine were about 15 years old and falling apart - and it took me ages to convince her that that's what I really would appreciate!).
Anyway, I did reassure her that I was still doing and giving what I could to those (materially) worse off than me and pointed out that I wouldn't generally throw all my values out of the window by buying extravagent loo roll in future... I think she felt better then!


At November 29, 2006 4:16 pm, Blogger Deb said...

Well, she can't deny that it will be a present you will use! :)



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