Monday, November 06, 2006


I've just had another visit via a Google search referring to the Temple Curtain. This time I decided to see for myself and toddled off to Google... Having Googled 'Temple Curtain' I was pretty surprised to see that the Blessed Teapot came up as the fourth result! That took me by surprise somewhat - coming after:, a family Christian website describing itself as "a Christian ministry to spread the gospel," - Biblical studies on the web and which directed to a page on the Jewish Temple. Then of course came the Teapot, before such worthy-sounding sites as bibleresourcecenter, orthodoxresearchinstitute and Wikipedia!! How about that then!!
By the way, I haven't provided links to them as I haven't had a look at all the sites. And by the way II - this still isn't the phenomonal post that I forgot from earlier!!


At November 06, 2006 11:07 pm, Anonymous Jenny said...

Yep! been there and looked you're certainly there. Let's hope others look and get curious to know more.
Jenny <><


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