Thursday, November 23, 2006

Teapot Worship...

...and by that I don't mean the worship of teapots - but another little sing-along-a-God opportunity on the Teapot!! I've just spent ages trawling around YouTube (as ever!) trying to find a great version of 'This is my desire (Lord I give you my heart)' as it's a song that I love (because of the music as well as for what it expresses). There was of course the Hillsongs version, but if I'm honest (and I actually don't intend to pass inappropriate judgement here) I find that huge, performance type worship a little difficult. It's not the number of people present necessarily - I have been in places packed full to the rafters of people worshipping God - it can be awesome; and it's not the professionalism - I reckon God deserves our best; so actually, perhaps it's something as simple as preferring this one sung with a male voice? (And I'm thankful to them for some of the amazing songs they've written). So anyway, here is Teapot Worship Part Two - Chelley's Favourites!
(No offence to the lad singing, but I prefer to listen and not watch someone - which is why I liked the 'Blessed be your name' video with images of nature and all, but I haven't yet discovered where to find linkable or embedable audio-only's! As ever two clicks in the middle, but not a double-click!)


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