Saturday, January 06, 2007

Call to Mind the Good Things...

...and be thankful.

Both pictures by Tony at

I am sitting indoors on this Saturday morning, nearing the end of my 'holiday' (back to work on Tuesday). I am at home - though at this moment I would dearly love to be where these pictures were taken! TeenSon stayed at a friend's last night so they could head off for the team coach and be away supporters today (while we are absolutely Spurs supporters No.1, we support a couple of 'local' teams as well - good old Stevenage Boro and Leyton Orient - well I can't let anyone think we've deserted our first love can I?!)
And though I'm a morning person it would have been nice to get as much sleep as I needed as I'm not having to do the early lifts to the football ground (and I even had an early night). But just before seven I was woken by a beeping noise coming from outside the house - sounded like something reversing - but I couldn't see anything by the time I got out of bed in a strop! So here I sit with my second cup of tea (about to get the third), which meant I was at least up at just before eight when a parcel was delivered! Amazon have been as efficient and speedy as ever... yesterday I ordered C.S. Lewis's Collected Letters Vol III Narnia, Cambridge and Joy 1950-1963 and here it is!
So despite the fact that I'm not sitting in a beautiful little cottage (or even a grotty one with good views and walks on the doorstep!) in the Lake District, I got woken up early by an annoying beep even though I'm on 'holiday', I've had a stinking cold and chesty thing since just after Christmas, and in a couple of days the daily rush-around begins again... despite those trivial little things (and they are trivial) - I have a lot to be thankful for - even the little things like being able to enjoy the photos at LakelandCam and dream of the next time I can be somewhere like that, a contented son having a great day planned (I hope we win!), a great, and inspiring, book to dip in and out of (keeping to that letter-writing theme see!), and so much more... even on a grumpy day when I'd like to do something nice but don't feel well enough, and have enough washing and ironing to keep me going 'til next Christmas! Bah humbug... but thanks be to God!


At January 08, 2007 1:39 am, Blogger Pam in Colorado said...

Hi, I just found your blog while getting familiar with Real Live Preacher's.

Isn't it amazing how the seemingly trivial daily tasks become the things we appreciate so much when we are prevented from doing them?! Ironing (for those of us who still own one), dishes, cooking - even cleaning the everneeding bathrooms. Makes me want to go Bah humbug as well, but I really get a sense of accomplishment and gladness when they are all done and the results are a pleasing relaxation time.

May you have a great 2007 with many blessings and things to be thankful for.


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