Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dear Visitor...

I wanted to start the first post of 2007 by saying thank you to everyone who's read and commented on the Teapot over the course of 2006 (well since March anyway, when I made my first typically random post!).
I've talked a bit about resolutions over here so I won't say any more other than to mention the one that stems from what's to follow!

A fair while ago I came across the Helene Hanff book 84 Charing Cross Road and having a bit of a thing about Charing Cross Road, old books and bookshops and English literary classics, I was interested to find and read it (I blogged the buying of it here!). I'd only dipped in and out, and not got round to reading it properly, when the film was fairly recently shown on television, which I recorded and then of course didn't get round to watching... until this week!
I'm having a few days off so found time to sit and watch the film (more than once!) while of course drinking plentiful cups of tea with accompanying chocolate. The book (and film) record the letters, spanning more than 20 years, between Helene Hanff of New York and the staff of Marks & Co. of Charing Cross Road, London. And it's wonderful! I will probably not surprise you when I say that reading and watching have renewed my resolve to get back to letter-writing. I've always loved writing and receiving snail mail, and until fairly recently managed a fair bit... Even with the delights of blogging, e-mail and all - there's nothing like reading and re-reading a personal, hand-written note or letter. And so, even if it only means a few words on a postcard, one new year resolution for me is to send some letters, keep in touch, say hello and keep enjoying the old fashioned ways!

Yours sincerely


At January 13, 2007 8:33 pm, Blogger Jag said...

Happy New Year to you Chelley! All the best to you and yours for the year ahead.


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