Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Another excellent cartoon by Dave!

For the last three days or so, my tree has looked rather bare... I wouldn't like to follow Dave's theme and say what kind of person has 'decorated' it... a naturist... a busy person... a lazy git?
In fact, I put up my nice new artificial tree on Monday - it took ages what with all that fiddly opening out of branches and all... and then getting the lights in the right place. So after that I was rather bored with the whole thing and had to go to a meeting anyway, so that was as far as I got. Tuesday was another hectic day followed by another evening meeting and though yesterday was hectic in the morning, I probably could have finished the tree sometime later on, but haven't - it is still standing there, pathetic and bare.

Just before I go and actually get on with it then... I thought I'd add that you could probably have a whole other set of Christmas tree cartoons that define the kind of person who decorated them, ranging from the richly exotic, minimalistic decor of the well-to-do's to the common-as-muck multi-coloured busy affair. No guesses as to what my tree looks like*... when it's slightly less naked that is!

*It's funny how the attempted upward journey of the working classes that's reflected in other areas of life, can also be seen in the humble Christmas Tree**... over the years, as my family have 'gone up in the world', the parental Christmas Tree has got more co-ordinated and less tacky! Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon? Or maybe it reflects the age of the tree-decorator rather than the class - when the kids have grown the tree calms down?

**Besides, would the educated classes even dream of having an artificial tree anyway?!


At December 14, 2006 6:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as you know, I am a fan of Daves work.
And I like this one. You mgiht see it appearing over at theincoherentramblings soon :D



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