Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well I'm Really Not Sure!

Despite the fact that I commented in my last post on how I didn't think 'Animated Analyst' was really me... I am still analysing the results of that personality test!! So yes, I do admit that I have slightly analytical tendencies but the summary for my 'Benevolent Idealist' result did feel more like me. But then I started floating the mouse over that lovely big colour DNA box thing and discovered it has decided I am Slightly Functional. Now is it me, or could another way of saying that be "Ooh, she's verging on disfunctional!"? Because I am suspicious of the possible outcomes, I am not going to carry out a survey among people-who-know-me-well... just in case! And then, there's a tiny little dark slither at the bottom declaring Low Openness. I've got a blog haven't I... I share the innermost reflections of my world, don't I? Ok, well maybe not quite the innermost deepest ones... but I did tell you about my traffic island bollards and that I support Spurs - that's quite open wouldn't you say? And then there's the Very High Extroversion. I'll definitely admit to extrovert tendencies... I do have a habit of thinking out loud (which in some circles is called 'talking to yourself') and I do start to bounce off the walls slightly if I have to work on my own with no conversational interruptions for any length of time... say, ooh, about 5 minutes! But then I also have a significant hibernation point where I need to withdraw into my little introverted place and ignore other humans for a while. My Myers Briggs type cottoned on to this by putting me just into the 'E' but not too far along the seesaw! Very High Extroversion indeed!
I suspect that had there been a nice coloured blob that said 'Very High Attention to Analytical Perfectionist Argumentative Pedantic Detail' then I would have agreed whole-heartedly... well as long as it was a blue square anyway!

Oh, and I still want to know what 'Agency' is?!


At November 05, 2006 3:54 pm, Anonymous Jenny said...

It sounds like you have been doing a bit tooooo much thinking to me. lol!
Jenny <><

At November 05, 2006 4:01 pm, Anonymous chelley said...

Hmmmm, yes! Though my first reaction to your comment was... "ooh, I've said (thought) too much - I'll delete it quick!" Paranoia, eh... and an unwillingness to be too open after all, outside of my daft sense of humour!
What shall I analyse now...?

At November 06, 2006 6:29 pm, Anonymous Chelley said...

Hi again Jenny! I've just been over at your blog, but couldn't leave a comment as I don't have an Aol blog (unless I was doing something wrong?). So, hoping you'll pop back here at some point and read this! You're right... there is something good about knowing that others are reading our thoughts/observations/ramblings and that this kind of conversation can happen in a way that's different to just writing in a personal (paper) journal. I'm enjoying your blog... hope I get to comment over there sometime!


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