Friday, June 16, 2006

A Bit of Time in the Garden... Part 2

In the usual way of the logical and mathematical, Part 2 comes after Part 1, so if you haven't read Part 1 please go and read it first, rather than starting with Part 2, because otherwise Part 2 will make even less sense than it will do if you read it after you've read Part 1. I hope that's quite clear. And so to commence Part 2...

'Gardeners' World' gardens with a nice place to sit with your pint... (best to empty the plants out first!)...

And a wild flower garden - with the beers at the ready...

And a big barrel that I thought looked great...!

There was obviously a lot more to see, as well as lots of places to sit and watch the world (the gardeners) go by, places to shop and eat and of course to drink copious cups of tea - which I did, though didn't actually take any pictures for the Teapot, so you'll just have to believe me!

Of course, Thursday was also the day of 'The England Match', so at 5pm I was sitting on the floor in a big hall waiting for my dad to wander back with some more plants, with my faithful old tranny glued to my ear. The little radio stayed there through the wait in the rather long bus queue (to take us back to the car park!), on the bus and into the car park, when the car radio took over. I have to say though (as you're well aware I'm sure) that the first half (the tranny half) was not the most riveting game of football I've known - I'm afraid I can't bring myself to be more derogatory seeing as the lads did score us those two excellent goals - but when you're standing in a very long bus queue looking something like 'Day of the Triffids', even a pants match is worthy entertainment!


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