Friday, June 16, 2006

A Bit of Time in the Garden... Part 1

Had a lovely day out yesterday with my dad at Birmingham NEC for the 'Gardeners' World Live' Exhibition! You may recall from the Springtime pictures of my garden (aka wilderness) that I have not given much attention to my outdoor space! And this despite the fact that I do in fact love gardens, have a ridiculous number of gardening books and a lot of good intentions! So, days like yesterday are wonderful for procrastinating gardeners like myself to gather even more inspiration and intention and live in hope that one day they'll juggle their priorities and spend a lot more time working in the garden rather than just sitting, dreaming, playing football, drinking tea and chasing the cat in it! (Having said that, my wilderness has improved dramatically from two afternoons of grass cutting, strimming, compost heap building and other energetic taming pursuits by G - who when visiting with his family never gets a free meal!).

So, for all you other not-quite-gardeners out there, here are some piccies of my day (I should have taken one of the Champagne and Pimms stand - what a great idea!)...

I'm a bit of a traditional garden girl myself, so the wacky stuff's not quite my thing... but this is certainly an impressive sandcastle (or is it a model of Madonna's bra?).
Saw this and thought of me Shipmates on the Ship of Fools!

This very pink garden was the 'Think Pink Garden for Breast Cancer Care'.

I didn't go presenter spotting, but, well, Monty Don just happened to be standing there... so I thought I may as well take a photo!

Part 2 to follow...


At June 26, 2006 11:11 pm, Anonymous Lorna said...

I am so not a gardener - but I do think I'd have enjoyed this. What nice weather too (bythe look of things - though of course it could be c/o photoshop)

be blessed

At June 27, 2006 9:47 am, Anonymous Michelle said...

Yes, the weather was gorgeous... no photo-fiddling there!


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