Thursday, May 11, 2006

Want to Buy a Hole?

Thanks to Diamond Geezer for drawing my attention to this, this morning! A Norfolk church is selling the hole in its roof on Ebay (this link will expire after the hole is sold).
What I love is their sales pitch, it's just classic! And how lovely to end with, "Thank you for your interest and we hope we've made you smile!" I hope they get what they need, but they've done a good thing putting smiles on people's faces (it worked on me!). Read the blurb here:

"This unique opportunity to own a hole comes about due to our desire to remove the hole from its current location in our church ceiling and replace it with plaster.
The hole could be useful for escaping through, squeezing into, as a quiet bolt-hole or for singing about if placed in a bucket.
The hole will be accompanied by a framed photo of it in its current location.
All Saints is a small rural church in Old Buckenham, South Norfolk. This year we need to spend £25,000 on the internal restoration of the building, including the need to mend the nave ceiling where there is evidence that some of the original handmade nails have failed and areas of ceiling are now adrift from the beams above. For more details of this and the other work needed, to see how we are doing, or assist with the appeal visit
Thanks for your interest and we hope we've made you smile!"

Anyway, just think how useful that hole would be...


At May 15, 2006 11:34 am, Blogger Majic said...

Great idea! There are so many gorgeous churches in Norfolk, and it's a shame that some of them are in such a bad state.
Did you know that there is a church for every week of the year in Norwich, and a pub for every day! They must have all gone to get drunk, then straight into church to repent!
A school in Suffolk recently sold its ghost on Ebay - love to know how they organised delivery!

At May 17, 2006 8:03 am, Anonymous solevoice said...

How wonderful! I'll be back in the land of the blog soon - exams!


At May 17, 2006 4:39 pm, Anonymous Michelle said...

Amazing what you can sell on Ebay eh?!
Nice to see both of you back in Blogland, Majic and Solevoice! Best wishes to you both for your studies.


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