Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ordinary Days

There's not been much posting going on here lately (you may or may not have noticed!) and that's mainly because I haven't done, thought, seen or read anything that I thought you might find remotely interesting! That's not to say that I'm not enjoying life (or, in the positive: that is to say I am enjoying life!) but it's not really the bloggable stuff. I've generally carried on with being a mum, a minister and a bit of a nutcase; I've put the washing machine on, prepared the sermons, enjoyed all the kids in the school assemblies, played cricket and football in the garden, ignored the ironing, defended my housekeeping to my mum (it doesn't matter how old you are does it, or how responsible your job - mums always want to know when you last cleaned the loo!); I've drunk cups of tea - on my own, in front of the computer and with people who I'm here to care about, done the myriad other things it's my privilege to do for, with and outside the church, watched a bit more 'Due South' (see previous post), fed the cat, been a friend and enjoyed my friends (though not enough it seems sometimes), read some blogs... I won't go on - but you get my drift!
But that's the thing don't you find - life isn't always full of recordable and momentous events that anyone else might be interested in - but about getting on with being who we were made to be, sharing the mundane and the special times with those with whom we have the privilege to share our lives, and appreciating it all: the racket of the birds in the garden yesterday, running through the hail with TeenSon to get into the shops, lunch out together and 'Hangman' on the (paper!) serviette 'til the food arrived. And today it's back to work, with many blessings to count... and still a huge pile of ironing!

Oh, and one other thing (well two actually...): I've decided to go and buy myself a deep fat fryer today so I can make 'proper' chips again - have been reading the 'Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans' blog again, that's what's done it! And I really must get to Camden market soon to try and find that pair of green tarten DM boots!
That's all!


At May 30, 2006 8:10 pm, Blogger dreamer said...

oh wow, proper chips! yum and although I have not long eaten those food pictures on EB,C and B's blog has made me want fooood!

great to read your blog


At May 30, 2006 10:16 pm, Anonymous solevoice said...

Hi Michelle,

Lovely to have yo back but I do know how you feel, all I have to report is that I have a cold! :-)

Best Wishes,


At May 31, 2006 7:29 am, Anonymous Michelle said...

Dreamer: Mmmm, I did enjoy the chips!

SV: Sorry to hear that - hope you feel better soon :)


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