Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Currently I am not eating currants

By way of not disappearing off the face of the blog here are a few currents...
I am currently (obviously not in this one, particular moment in time but more generally):

Reading: Biography of Basil Hume by Anthony Howard (still!)
Watching: DVDs of classic old films like 'Goodbye Mr. Chips', 'The African Queen' and 'Blithe Spirit', plus 'Sense and Sensibility' a few times recently and, as ever, bunging on 'Dinnerladies' every time I'm at the kitchen sink!
Wishing: A lot of things... that I didn't provide such chaotic surroundings for TeenSon, that I was more organised, less easily distracted and unfocused, had a beautiful garden (I love gardens), had more confidence in my abilities, that God would just pop round in a more direct sort of manner and tell me if I was doing a reasonable job for him and if I'd made any difference at all... you know, that kind of thing :D**
Thinking: Well, now I'm thinking about the stuff I was wishing!**
Feeling guilty about: Well, some of the stuff I was wishing and thinking... though guilt is only useful when it causes a change in action really.
Regretting: There are some things I've done in my life that are regrettable (a gentle understatment!), but looking back from here they have usually provided some wisdom and all that in hindsight so I wouldn't necessarily want to remove them. Oh and that Spurs didn't beat Chelsea on Monday night!
Wondering: Whether to take up an invitation that has been put before me.
Looking forward to: My week off after Easter.
Reflecting on: Psalms of refreshment (for a work related, leaders morning I'm planning, but also personally) and a song... "All who are thirsty, all who are weak, come to the fountain, dip your heart in the streams of life.." (I'll add the credit when I can find the CD case!!)

**These are not theological statements - I am quite secure in the knowledge that God accepts and loves me just as I am, can stretch me to be even more the person he made me to be and has given me gifts to use, which I do attempt to do... but that doesn't mean I don't still drive myself up the wall at times and wish I was different in a number of ways... God probably feels like this too!


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