Thursday, August 31, 2006


Greenbelt has come and gone once again - so here are a few thoughts on my festival weekend this year...

I always get home and wish I'd gone to more - though I know that I didn't have the energy to go to very much! Still, there's always the online 'talks store' where I can merrily buy and trawl through as many of the recorded talks as I feel inclined to listen to (or can afford) - and in the comfort of home!

A huge part of the weekend was about enabling the young people I took to have a great time as well as praying for them and hoping that God would somehow meet with them - perhaps through music, or fellowship, or through a speaker, in the prayer spaces...

I went with the possibility of meeting in real life, bloggers/Shipmates/wibloggers/RevGals - but other than one brief encounter* met no-one! You all remain virtual enigmas - and I stay anonymously hidden in the Teapot** and pretend I'm not really rather dull anyway!

Went to hear Jackie Pullinger speak on Friday evening - very challenging regarding the issue of slavery - whether the slavery that is still prevalent in many parts of the world, or the personal slavery to work, or addictions that holds many in our own society - and presenting the challenge to those present to do something. While taking on board the challenges presented, it seemed to me that the fact that some (perhaps many?) present may well have already been following God's call on their own lives and serving in the places and ways he might be leading, was not taken into account. I had the sense of being a naughty schoolgirl standing before the headmistress? But if that was indeed God's heart being expressed and his challenge being put forth, then who am I to argue?

It was lovely to have some time aside in 'Soul Space' which I spent reading some of Betjeman's poetry and gazing out at the panoramic view across the racecourse and beyond, and on Monday evening, when it was just me and TeenSon left (the other young 'uns having been packed off home) a great time was had singing and boogying along to Candi Staton in the rain!

So, all in all, another great Greenbelt... just a shame I didn't get over to the Franciscans for Night Prayer and hot chocolate this year!

*I did feel rather daft on Friday... I was sitting on the slope by the Tiny Tea Tent when I saw someone who I thought resembled Kathryn of 'Good in Parts' - a real life RevGal - what should I do?! Then someone came up to her and called her "Kathryn" - a little clue - so I thought "shall I go and say hello, or shall I stay here and not make an idiot of myself greeting a total stranger, but maybe regret it afterwards?!" Hmmm, well I went and said hello - so, sorry Kathryn that some lunatic came and interupted your conversation sounding like a blog-nut - but having read your blog for a while, and appreciated your insights and ideas - it was good to meet you in person!

**The Teapot isn't really a hiding place, as the thoughts and random observations here are very much of the real me!


At September 01, 2006 6:08 pm, Anonymous solevoice said...


How wonderful for you to have some time to read some poetry, espically from such a wonderful poet. I am very envious and so think that tomorrow, I will try to do the same.

Best Wishes,


At September 09, 2006 11:13 pm, Blogger Kathryn said...

Chelley..only just got has been a bit like that since GB! But I just wanted to say that it was delightful that you came and introduced yourself..a really good start to the Festival for me (though the thought that there were people around on site who knew me through the blog and were gradually emerging from the undergrowth gave my offspring cause for merriment at regular intervals all weekend!).Thanks for coming and saying hello. Glad that GB was good for you- as it was for me...the place on God's earth where I feel most at home, and always, always a good place to meet friends.
See you next year - maybe with a bit more time to chat.

At September 10, 2006 2:54 pm, Blogger Jules said...

Nice to read your thoughts on Greenbelt.. it really is a little bit of heaven on earth isn't it!



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