Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bit from a Book #2

Well, before going off to Greenbelt on Friday, I still couldn't decide which bit from which book to post on here (there being quite a number of good bits from quite a number of good books 'out there' you see!). But having been and come home again... it just has to be a bit from 'The Dave Walker Guide to the Church' which I have freshly acquired from the not-too-muddy Greenbelt bookshop, and which several members of the youth group I took with me sat around cackling amusedly at while blobbing by our tents. The bit I wanted to post was the cartoon of 'The Vicar's Study' as there's just the tiniest slim chance that Dave might have used something from my 'list of random study crap' in the comments here... but I don't know if that one's available for blogging, so instead, here is another bit from his book:

Dave Walker (go and buy the book!)


At September 01, 2006 10:51 am, Blogger Dave said...

Thanks Chelley. Sorry not to meet you at Greenbelt. Glad the book is being enjoyed.


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