Thursday, June 29, 2006

Waiting for the Kettle to Boil...

Today's my day off and I'm having a right good sort out, tidy up and clean! It's funny how I can be someone who likes things tidy, organised and clean - and yet my house quite often looks the opposite of that! I have all sorts of explanations (excuses?) but the more cynical might just say that I'm a messy person deluding themselves into thinking they're a tidy person! Being, also, a rather analytical type character I could far too easily find myself going off on an analytical divert into priorities, procrastination and psyche... so I'll resist the temptation!
Anyway, this isn't getting it done is it (I was just waiting for the kettle to boil)! Of course I'll drink that nice cup of tea while I wade through the last load of filing!

Add-on: One thing I have noticed about myself is that all those little things I like to do when all is organised around me, like writing and posting little notes or letters, reflecting a bit in my occassional journal, reading something historical or biographical that interests me, or taking some time to pore over a map all seem to fall by the wayside and are replaced by vacant procrastination when I'm surrounded by chaos! Well, I couldn't help but analyse a bit!


At July 02, 2006 6:42 pm, Anonymous solevoice said...

As ever your observations and analysis couldn't be more accurate - thanks for your most interesting posts!

Best Wishes,



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