Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And I still love it...!

Ok, here's another little insight into my psyche... or something! When I was in my teens and something of a Goth, I was totally into The Cult and Dr. and the Medics! (No they are not quite of the same class!). Well, I went to see Dr. and the Medics at Hammersmith Palais when I was 16 - with my cousin, who was seriously Goth in comparison to me (and I still managed to make my family wince!). Anyway, I seem to recall hanging around for ages after the concert was finished while she chatted to one of the Anadin Brothers backstage (a friend of hers) - they're the two funky women singers/dancers... who also pop up in The Cult's 'Rain' video I think (can anyone out there confirm or deny it - it certainly looks like them!). Blimey, I thought they were so cool and spent embarrassing amounts of time copying their 'Spirit in the Sky' moves! It was also an interesting night because we'd left the (cousin's) car at Redbridge tube station but when we went to go home they were only running as far as Wanstead... so we hitched between with a lorry driver. (My mum has a fit when I tell her these stories now!)
So I was massively chuffed when I found this vid on You Tube. My family so relate this song to me that they're going to have it at my funeral!! (You have to understand that as a minister, talk of funerals becomes rather commonplace - without meaning any disrespect!).

Add-on: Well, I've just discovered that "the owner of this video does not allow video embedding" - how mean can you get!! Please humour me and go and watch it here instead (just search for "dr medics spirit sky" and it should merrily appear in front of you - 2nd option!). If you put in Spirit in the Sky you'll just get a load of Gareth Gates!


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