Sunday, April 30, 2006


...No, not screen resolutions, but the sort we talk a lot about on New Year's Eve. I've decided to make a few today, why should we save them for January 1st anyway - think I'll have a few ready for May 1st instead. So I could call these 'new day' or 'new month' or 'new Chelley year' (seeing as I gain another year this month) resolutions! After all, my faith is one that believes strongly in new beginnings - and not just the one, but repeated opportunities for a new start.

So, Resolution no.1: Wear my purple DM boots more often (see previous post). Not only do I like them, but I also have an aversion to being dictated to about what is right and wrong to wear. I have been known to shout at the TV when T & S are telling us 'What Not to Wear' - who made them the gods of fashion anyway? I appreciate that self-image can be improved through what we wear, but I think some of the issues raised go much deeper than what's in a person's wardrobe. I know my wardrobe would be totally pulled apart by those two, but really I think I'll decide for myself thank you. I admit that I have similar sentiments towards the many house programmes that tell you what your house should look like, and the garden ones that are the same. What happened to personal expression? I do recognise that if you want to sell your house then it needs to be appealing rather than quirky, but it's the general 'dictator' and 'everyone the same' principles behind these programmes that really bugs me! (Just as an aside: there is one programme that I've really enjoyed and it's an American home makover one where they bring a team in and transform the homes of families who have either had a really hard time, or who've done loads for others or their community etc - can't think what it's called, but they seem to really make a difference). I will climb down off my soapbox now!

Resolution no.2: Be more organised! Oh, isn't that a nice big one! I've had a lovely week off and I get back to my usual routine on Tuesday; and I'd love to organise my time and space a bit more efficiently (without trying to re-mold my whole personality!). I enjoy what I do, and give so much more when things are in an ordered state (both around me and in my mind!).

I think I'll stick with just those two seeing that no.2 is a rather significant resolution!
And perhaps my work space will stop looking something like this:

Cartoon by Dave Walker:


At May 02, 2006 10:54 pm, Blogger Sally said...

My desk was his muse...see for yourself...

At May 03, 2006 11:33 pm, Anonymous Michelle said...

Despite this resolution my desk is yet to improve and still looks like a chaotic shambles!!


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