Monday, July 11, 2011

Something lost to find again

I have always enjoyed writing. Not necessarily good writing, or words that will hold the attention of others, but writing that allows some expression of all the reflections stuck in my head to be expressed and make room for others, or at least to be processed to some degree! But I've realised that the avenues for that have been significantly neglected of late. Now I'm not saying that these were beautiful tree-lined avenues of aged oak and chestnut - more like streets of graffitied shutters and littered pathways - but they were my avenues. From the simple pen and paper of an old journal, to the musings of life through a blog, to the blank screen as an emerging poem defined some deep perspective on my world. Avenues that have become neglected and that I've only just realised provided me with a real joy and wellbeing. So I'm giving myself permission to allow a bit of time for reflection again - not just action and busy-ness but also reflection and expression. I'm sure that my life and ministry will benefit from that, and from the parallel listening to the reflections of others.


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