Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Doctor Matt

I have decided to go on record officially as being a great fan of the new Doctor Who!
Last year I was of the mind that the world may actually end when David Tennant stepped out of the role, and yet here we are at the end of Matt Smith's first series and Tardis or no Tardis, I wouldn't go back in time and switch the doctors again. The performances have been brilliant... such detail in expressions and mannerisms, and interesting development of the character. Of course, the writer Stephen Moffat should rightly receive credit for this re-creation... so credit to him where it's due. I even love the bow tie "It's cool!" (of all the quotes of the series that I could have included, I went for the easy to remember one!).
I approve!
(I'm sure there is universal relief at the BBC and with all involved in the production at that declaration).


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