Thursday, October 28, 2010

As Though

When your faith feels like someone has taken it out of your core and is hammering away at it like a tin box being covered in dents, then carry on as though it's still the firm centre of your being.
When you find it hard to believe that there's a God who has a view on you and a hand in the world, then live as though there is and he does.
When you wonder if the man Jesus really came from heaven and lived on earth and loved with the greatest compassion there is, then live and love as though he did.
When you wonder what the world would be like if this Jesus was wandering in your bit of it now, then respond to the world as though he was.
When you're inspired by the stories you hear of others going the extra mile and doing something quietly transforming, then work as though you're them.
When you hear the call to serve the poor and pray for the broken but wonder what difference it will make, then serve and pray as though they're the most powerful tools in the world.
When you dream of a heaven that is the best of earth but wonder if it's really there, then hope as though it is.
When you trip over massive rocks of repeated mistakes and self-doubt, then get up again and carry on as though they've been dashed to dust.
When you look at the darkness of human actions and evil in the world, then look again as though you were looking at the sun's rays piercing through them.
When you're infuriated by the injustices of the world, then have patience as though a merciful judge were waiting to even the score.
When loosening the grip of the hurt that's been done to you feels like weakness, then let go as though weakness is the greatest strength of all.
When faith seems hard to come by then go on being faithful as though it will make all the difference in the world.
When your faith is shaken by storms then let mine carry you in your faithfulness, and when mine slips you can do the same for me, as though we were meant to carry each other.

(MR 2010)


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