Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Queues and minor irritations!

Background information that might be useful.... I am generally a nice person! Yes, I try and be polite and love people - which is probably a good thing seeing as I'm a vicar and all and it is part of the teaching of the Big Boss and all that. But you know that despite that, the stupidest things can get you (me) riled! Adrian Plass (Christian writer and speaker) once said something along the lines of "I'd be a great Christian if it wasn't for other people" - and I know what he means. But it's not even the big evils that bring that out, it's the stupid irritations... like queue jumpers, or the people who don't do the little handywave thing when you give them the right of way in the car, or cutter-uppers... do you know what I mean? Now I do live in a part of the world where a lot of people are generally more friendly to their own so there can be a fair number of those "you ignorant g*t" moments. But that's no excuse. It just proves that an underlying "niceness" doesn't cut the mustard and that 'loving your neighbour' means loving the ones who irritate the wotsit out of you. I think that how we deal with the little irritations is as much a sign of Big Boss at work in us, as what we say we believe... if not more. So "bless you" people who will irritate me - I will love you as you are my neighbour! (And I will try and grow towards being less irritating myself... might make it by the time I'm an old lady, and with a bit of help!)
Footnote: brilliant blog post by Dave Gorman here - about queues! I have a habit of getting in the 'wrong' queue in a supermarket and watching all the others drift past me, well Dave met that experience in a big way at Los Angeles Airport!


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