Wednesday, July 20, 2011


No, not the pantomime Buttons but the Twitter and Facebook kind. I spent ages last night (once home from a long meeting - just to demonstrate that I was wasting only my sleep time) trying to put nice linky buttons on my blog. Now the sidebar, that was a doddle! Lovely big uncoordinated Twitter thing that shows you the other pointless drivel I'm spouting on Twitter. But I wanted a little set of buttons at the bottom of each post so that on the extremely off chance that someone might be stunned enough with what I've said to 'like' it on Facebook or even retweet it on Twitter, then they could. (This is called high optimism!). If anyone happened to be reading this blog at the time last night then their eyes may have started to swivel with the succession of changing buttons and changing places and hash ups. Because ultimately I got them at the bottom of the posts but only linking into the site as a whole and not to the individual posts. And then the Facebook one started doing its own thing and put back the 'send' element even though I'm pretty sure I didn't include that bit of code. Clearly the only conclusion to be made is that all this is #rocketscience and I am not a rocket scientist. So even if you wanted to link to this post about rocket scientists and buttons, you can't - you get the whole teapot. Defeat!

Afterthought....! The tweet button works... but only if you have the individual post up rather than on the front page... wooo... well I will revel in my moment of success anyway!

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