Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Year On...

I thought it would be interesting (for me if not anyone else) to look back at the first posts of 2007 on my blogs and see what I was thinking and resolving at the start of the year just ended. And I have to say, I did find it interesting! Over at 'Chelley of the Shire' which even in its name points to one of the big changes of 2007 - seeing as I'm not now living in the Shire to which that referred - I was turning over a phrase in my mind. And actually this phrase has stayed with me through the year as something of a (hoped for) summary of my Christian life: "to live with reference to God; that is, God made known in the person of Jesus Christ." More of that here.
And here at the Teapot it seems I had been reading '84 Charing Cross Road' by Helene Hanff and had resolved to be an improved letter writer in 2007 - something I'm afraid I have rather failed at... at least resolutions can be carried over!
But strangely enough as we begin this new year I am again reading a book by Helene Hanff: 'Apple of my eye' - a book about New York, by a New Yorker; and very interesting I'm finding it too. I picked up this book in a little secondhand bookshop in Cromer during the half term break and have only just got round to reading it. And perhaps this book too points to one of my resolutions - to go on a voyage of discovery! I'm enjoying finding out interesting bits about NY - not least because I love detail, maps, history and studying people (though the book hasn't provided me with the maps, I had to use the net for those). I think I'll be attempting to read (and write) more, to delve into the diverse range of books I have tucked away that have been bought with delight but sadly neglected... books on medieval history, on poetry, collections of letters, crime fiction, maps... and so the list goes on.
I still seem to hold onto the dreams of being the person I see in my mind's eye - hopefully a not too unrealistic dream, with God's help? And yet at the end of each year I seem no nearer to reaching that goal, but as long as I've made steps in the right direction, remembered what's important, been a blessing here and there - then perhaps my year has been ok - resolutions or not!


At January 04, 2008 12:06 pm, Anonymous Beki said...

What a lovely post.

Resolutions can be good to give aim but sometimes I think New Year can be a very cruel deadline and actually make us miss the important things we have done as we are too busy making lists of what we haven't achieved!


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