Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Morning

Well it's Monday morning once again and I'm sitting here with a cup of tea in my beloved (but slightly chipped) Spurs mug*. TeenSon bought me a lovely new Spurs mug (at my request) for my birthday but I can't bring myself to say goodbye to the old faithful one yet!
Anyway, I was having a drift through the visitors to the Teapot and one led me back to my other blog and a little rhyme I posted back in March. It seems just as apt today as it did on the day I wrote it - I'm still tackling the 'chaos and mess', especially with a removal man coming round today to tally up how many boxes I'll need and send a quote!

It's Monday morn
and I'm sitting with tea,
the radio's on and I'm thinking with glee...
that though I get ratty
when I can't change the world,
yesterday brought blessing
for one I upheld.

I wonder what God thinks
when I'm carried away,
with Razorlight singing
and chocolate; he'd say?
"It might not be worship,
in wonder and praise
but that stuff does bring joy
to most of your days!"

I do get quite knackered
but I musn't say that!
My mum doesn't like it
and would give me a slap;
I drive myself potty
with chaos and mess,
preferring things sorted
and then I don't stress.
But I've never quite managed
to be all I could be...
perhaps I will look back
and see what God sees?
Recognition of good things,
pleased with my days?
But it might take a long time
knowing me and my ways!

*I'm not sitting in the Spurs mug of course, the tea is in the Spurs mug!

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