Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Further Adventures of the Traffic-Island-Bollards!

Yes, they are still here!
Due to my industrious attempts to make a nice, quiet corner in my garden today I had to try and do something about the 'beloved' bollards. You may remember that the Highways Agency had promised several months ago to come and reclaim their bollards from my garden... but they never turned up. Seeing as I was visiting the local tip today (aka household waste site - fair enough - bollards are not your usual household waste!) I thought I'd ask the nice men in the cardboard skip if they fancied acquiring a couple of bollards? The first response was quite promising... until they realised I didn't mean an innocent little cone - but two of the bloomin' great island bollards! Unfortunately they were not allowed to take them off my hands - but suggested that I stick them in the back of my car and leave them across the road from the waste site as it's on an industrial estate and apparently the kind of people who drive round collecting vandalised bollards drive past fairly often and would see them and take them home! It is a very tempting thought - but as I drove home I was pondering when would be the best time to unload from the back of a Ford Ka two bollards and leave them in the street - probably the middle of the night - but it may turn out to be eyebrow raising footage if it's caught on CCTV! And then I wondered whether I should attach a little note to them saying: "I want to go home!" or "Please take your bollards back!" Hmmm, quite a dilemma... but when we do part company I'll make sure there are pictures!
I broke the news of this latest development to TeenSon when he came home and he was rather put out - he has become quite fond of the bollards and is still hoping I'll let him have one in his bedroom as an unusual table or something!! (I suppose it's similar to when I was a teen and we used to collect road signs for our meeting place - which just reminds me of something else that I'll blog another day!).


At April 30, 2007 7:35 am, Anonymous tom said...

How very novel of TeenSon Chelley!


At May 04, 2007 5:32 am, Blogger Susan Olson said...

You're not in the wrong country! Are you 35 or under by any chance? We have some scholarships and would love to add another country to our list. (We have canada---and it is too a foreign country!)

At May 04, 2007 2:39 pm, Anonymous chelley said...

Hi Susan,

I'm too old hehe - 36 (but 37 tomorrow!) - though it was nice to still claim the 'under 40' 'young' category!
(For anyone wondering how this relates to the traffic island bollards - it doesn't - it relates to a comment I left over here:


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