Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aims and Ambitions

Dear dear, what a poor neglected Teapot this has been recently! I'm sure that the cause of this is not from a lack of random thoughts - but more likely because I've been working very hard and have been too tired to do much sharing of said random thoughts and general observations. (I have of course worked hard throughout the life of the Teapot but usually managed to blog as well!).

I have got the week off this week and have ambitions of getting all my household tasks up-to-date, the study sorted out, my new plants potted up, some inspirational reading done, a National Trust place or two visited, my puzzle of Waterloo station finished, letters written and my batteries recharged... this may be a slightly ambitious list given the previously mentioned tiredness. Ho hum.

Still, while I'm here I'll add one of my current thoughts... I have always held some hopes that I might make a little difference with my life and taking funerals regularly has a lot to answer for in respect of increasing this hope. You spend time with families and friends hearing about the life of their loved one and then trying to do justice to sharing some of their memories and impressions. Sometimes the person you're learning about is a real inspiration - has made the most of their years and touched other people with their life; and sometimes there seems not so much for families to say - but perhaps many things in these cases have been hidden in the past, unseen by later generations, or are just simply hidden? Either way, it adds to my "It's a Wonderful Life" dream that wonders about and hopes to touch the lives of others and be a blessing... though I'm so often aware that priorities need regular check-ups to stay on the right track. And it's not just funerals that inspire me to reach for the person I'd most like to be - I've also been inspired this last week or so by the story of Beatrix Potter - though I'm not sure what I think about Beatrix being played by Bridget Jones... hmmm!


At May 31, 2007 7:33 am, Anonymous tomthetwit said...

Good luck Chelley!

By the way, the Potter film is brill!



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