Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have discovered today that one of my "real life" (TM) friends reads my blog! When I discovered the blogosphere, just over a year ago, I didn't know anyone who blogged (though now I do have one blogging friend too!) and so the virtual and real worlds have felt quite separate for me.
Today I've had a lovely day with GreatFriend - off shopping and out for lunch (the things we do best!) and as we pulled onto my drive after she said she'd been reading the Teapot. It's a good job that I have no aspirations to writing greatness and all that, because she then added, "Yes, it's a good read when I'm feeling fed up and need a good laugh and a bit of your randomness!"**
Well at least the Teapot's sub-heading was accurate anyway: "If you're looking for something deep and profound, you probably won't find it here!"
Oh well, I'm sure one of the many purposes of close friends is to keep us humble - but glad she's been here! :D

**well that's the rough gist anyway!


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