Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bloomin' Marvellous Boy

There are odd little moments when teen offspring come out with the kind of gems that cause you to put aside any slightly more negative aspects of their hormonal years, and remind yourself that they are bloomin' marvellous (I am of course referring to TeenSon here).
This morning before church I finished off a little article for the church newsletter, on our weekend at Greenbelt... ('our' being me, 6 teens and another adult). I decided it needed approval and authentication by someone else who was present for the festival so despite the fact that waking a sleeping teen, who was at a friend's 'til quite late the night before and who was rudely awoken in the night by flying bollards (see below), is not a move most likely to produce waves of adoration and welcome... I ventured in and woke him up!
"Can you just listen to what I've written about Greenbelt please...?"
"hurummpphhyeaahhwhaterrryeah." (Or something like that)
And the response after a few moments pause (no he hadn't gone back to sleep) was... "You should be a writer."
Now I realise that in the cold light of this blog that sounds like the kind of empty flattery that will just get your annoying mother to leave you in peace so you can go back to sleep - but I was chuffed to bits. (I also realise that based on what you may have read on this blog, his assessment may not fit your own impression of my abilities...) but, well, I was still chuffed to bits!
My boy is bloomin' marvellous...


At September 19, 2006 7:23 am, Anonymous solevoice said...

It's all go in your house but it;'s the other way round in our house! Mom's asleep and I am, as always, awake!

Best Wishes,


P.S. You SHOULD be a writer!


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