Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I do not live in Bromley!

...Not that there is anything wrong with living in Bromley I'm sure (though I have never been there so cannot give you any accurate indication of its appeal or lack of!). But for some reason, on those odd few occassions when I've forgotten to tell the tracker to ignore my own visits to the Teapot (sometimes it's quickest to use my links from here you see), my location has appeared as somewhere around Bromley (and once or twice even further afield)!
As well as enjoying the odd cup of tea, it would perhaps help you to know that I also enjoy the random statistics and maps that SiteMeter so generously provides for me, so I do have a look every so often... (yes, sad geek, blah, blah, blah) which is why I decided to see where I lived when I forgot to ignore myself! Are you with me so far?
Anyway, nothing wrong with Bromley (feel free to enlighten us on its faults and merits if you are actually from down that way)... but I don't often get that far clockwise round the M25 (until they conveniently built the new Ikea at Edmonton, I usually only got as far round as Ikea at Lakeside!).
So, I am looking to be enlightened as to why BT (my ISP) shows a location rather further south-of-the-river than is my true home? (And yes, my SiteMeter latitude/longitude is set accurately). Does British Telecom have a secret hidden head-office internet type den in Bromley - a bit like the Bat Cave - so that's what shows up on the 'radar'?!

An aside: After this post I promise to stop asking daft questions about the 'technicalities' of blogging!

Another aside: Just in case you're actually interested, the most bizarre search that brought someone to the Teapot was 'Windy Miller fighting Postman Pat'!! See, it's very useful and informative information!

Aside to self: Information is usually by nature informative - but I won't bother to change that bit!


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