Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Discoveries

There are some of us out in the big wide world who love food, but unfortunately food (though not all of it!) does not love us back! In fact some of it is downright malicious and has to be avoided with serious intention. I speak here of those of us with Coeliac Disease: an auto-immune condition that requires a life-long gluten-free diet.
[I just need to interrupt myself momentarily to tell you that I am listening to 'Take Me Out' by Franz Ferdinand and it is an excellent excellent song!]
Anyway, Coeliac Disease... in case you also have this condition and don't know much about it (or have perhaps been recently diagnosed) then have a look at the website of the Coeliac Society - they provide fantastically helpful info - not least the annual 'Food List' that tells you which foods/brands are safe - 'tis brilliant!
So today I thought that I'd share with you a couple of my recent happy discoveries...
Happy Discovery Number One:
It's not actually Nando's itself that I've just discovered, but that if you ask someone serving you'll find that they have a magic little book that lists the ingredients and special diet content of every item on their menu. For those of you that understand the traumas of eating out (can't even bank on chips being safe these days, as they have that crispy coating on if you're not careful!) you'll realise how helpful this treasure is! Big Brownie Points to Nando's (and their stuff's very tasty too!).
Happy Discovery Number Two:
It was pretty recently that I discovered Madisons (the website's still under construction but here it is for when they've got it finished). They do a whole bunch of food and drink that the 'normal humans' can enjoy, but also provide wheat free rolls (I haven't checked if they're gluten-free too (gluten is in barley, rye and oats, as well as wheat) but I will look next time I'm there. They also do gluten-free pasta on request, have a delicious salad bar that hasn't had a load of 'unsafe' dressings and sauces already added to it, and offer soya milk (glad at least that I don't have to drink that!) if that's what you need in your cup of tea (always a feeling of satisfaction when I manage to slip 'a cup of tea' naturally into Chelley's Teapot!).
[Just before I go, I'd like to mention that I'm now listening to 'I like the Way' by BodyRockers - another classic!]
If you feel remotely inclined to listen to either of the great songs I've mentioned, or even 'Gertcha' by Chas 'n' Dave (read this post for an explanation of that!) then go and visit Napster where you'll find them all! Mmm, and Napster: Not a new one, but I think that can be Happy Discovery Number Three!


At April 17, 2006 10:54 am, Anonymous Solevoice said...


I totally understand the implications of eating out as my mother is unable to eat many dairy products - thanks for this excellent post!

Best Wishes,



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