Saturday, April 08, 2006

Back Home to the Teapot...

Ah, it's nice to be back! Chelley's Teapot has been redundant for the last few days while I, and someone-who-knows-me-well, had a refreshing little break in Norfolk. Tea breaks have not been neglected while away from the Teapot, but have been taken in various random East Anglian establisments, such as: the Little Chef on the A11 at Barton Mills:

They do a right decent cuppa now (well a mugga actually) and you even get one free refill.
And then there was the warming brew at Norwich Market:

This market is like no other (that I have seen anyway) having rather impressive lockable stall-type-spaces. The tea from Jozo's was welcome but a bit strong for my liking - ideal builder's brew though I'm sure!
The best cuppa of the week though had to be the one I had with friends (you know who you are!) - unbeatable!

Anyway, it's good to be home - just going to put the kettle on and spend a while catching up with life out there in the great blogosphere...


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