Monday, April 10, 2006

Camper Dreams

Back to VW Campers again today. A couple of weeks ago I posted on the 'Mobile Minister' taking tea and the gospel around his parishes in a VW Camper. That story was likely to prick up my ears (or eyes I suppose as it was on the net) seeing as it contained reference to Campers (love them), cups of tea (well this is Chelley's Teapot) and the gospel* (something else I am very interested in!). The nearest I have got to having my own VW Camper is the one pictured, well it's a start! I don't have to wait 'til Greenbelt now anyway to hunt out the stall I saw last year selling the models - as I found this one in a seaside shop in Cromer last week - there's all sorts of little gems tucked behind the buckets and spades! Well, as I'm a little way off going wandering in a battered old VW I thought I'd see who is managing to live my little dream - so here's link number one on the Camper Trail...
Right, seeing as it's Easter this weekend, I'd better get on with some slightly more focused reflecting and writing!

*good news of Jesus Christ


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