Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cinema Firsts...

For some reason I was just thinking about my earliest visits to the cinema. Bit of an age give-away this - but I suppose I've done that before by talking about the wonders of Trumpton and Camberwick Green and confessing to being a Goth in the 80's! Anyway, first memories of cinema (which was still called going to the 'pictures' back then I seem to recall) were seeing 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' and 'The Empire Strikes Back'. I remember finding 'Empire Strikes Back' rather boring back then, though I love the Star Wars films now (yes, even the supposedly rubbish 'Phantom Menace' with Jar Jar at his most ridiculous!). I can't remember which of those two came out first (so which was my first big screen visit?) - will just go and have a little net trawl to find out...
Well, I'm a bit stumped as B&B was apparently released in 1971 (when I was one!) and TESB in 1980. I did find some suggestion that B&B was too long when it was first released so it was shortened - maybe they released it in the cinema again later on in the 70's? Well, it's likely to be my 'first' then anyway! I'll have to grill my dad and see if he can remember (it's not likely though - it's a bit of a standing joke in our family that my dad remembers everything totally differently to everyone else - perhaps a parallel universe has been involved somewhere along the line?). Anyone else out there remember their first cinema visit and what they thought of it?


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