Thursday, March 16, 2006

By the Way...

... I am not an old granny with lots of cats and teapots! This is what someone-who-knows-me-well said that some of you in the great blog void out there might think. In fact I have only one cat and a big yellow teapot that gets used infrequently (see 'Have a nice cuppa tea' below for a delightful picture of said teapot). I am in fact relatively young and for some reason (as I have mentioned before on this blog) I relate teapots to cosey afternoons as a child with my Nan, and the idealised 'good old days'! I also have a fair number of tea breaks strewn throughout my day and thought I'd share one or two of them with you. I hope that puts your mind at rest! (If it doesn't or you couldn't care less anyway, then maybe this'll just ease the concern of that someone-who-knows-me-well I mentioned?)
Oh, and by the way I mean no offence to anyone who is in fact an old granny with lots of cats and teapots - I'm sure you are lovely!


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