Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cadfael and the many sleuthing sisters

For tea break time today (I hope you have a nice cuppa to hand?) I want to share with you (or perhaps remind you of) some of those wonderful old 'clerical detectives'!
Who would have thought that I could stumble across a whole site dedicated to this eccentric species! It would seem that a love of sleuthing sisters, investigating monks and crime-fighting clergy is not just a little idiosyncrasy of mine but is a fairly common peculiarity!
Top of my own list has to be that medieval delight Cadfael:
Once a man-of-the-world, he's now a contented monk, growing herbs in the abbey garden. The added appeal, I find for Cadfael and many of these books, is their often very accurate historical setting and glimpse into a bygone time.


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