Saturday, January 17, 2015

“Come and See”  John 1: 43-51

“Come and see”
That was the invitation given Lord,
“Come and see”
“We have found the one” they said,
“Come and see”
And he went Lord, he went to you.
And you saw him coming,
You knew him before he even heard those words,
“Come and see”
You told him what only you could know
And then, from him, poured out praise:
“You are the Son of God, You are the King of Israel!”
And you promised him great wonders to come.
“Come and see”

Lord, I forget sometimes,
To come and see.
To come to you.
You who knew me too, before I ever heard those words.
You who know me now, really know me.
You who know my every thought before it’s ever voiced
You who know when I sit, and when I stand…
Just as you knew him as he sat under that fig tree.
But then you said it was so Lord, long ago,
And yet I’m not sure I always believe you,
“Come and see”

Lord, I forget sometimes,
To come and see,
To come to you,
When life is closing in around me,
When darkness assails me…
And not even my own darkness at times Lord,
But the darkness that is someone else’s, somewhere else,
“Weep with those who weep” you said.
There are many weeping Lord
But even then, you tell them,
“Come and see”
Even then you tell me,
“Come and see”
I can see the light in the flickering of a candle Lord
Extinguishing a morsel of darkness
So help me to see the light that you bring
Into the midst of the darkness
Extinguishing even a morsel
As your holiness and light burns through
As your love ignites around and within me again.
“Come and see”

“Come and see”
You call to me Lord
“Come and see”
Come and see in the word of life I’ve given you
Come and see in the strength of my saints surrounding you
Come and see in the spring bud forcing through winter
Come and see in the beauty carved by my hand
Come and see as you stand around my table
As you hold your hands, your heart, out to me
Come and see on the hill of Calvary
As you lay your burden at my cross
Come and see at the throne of my Father
Where your prayer rises powerfully to me
Come and see in the gospel of Jesus
Compassion and mercy and truth
Come and see when you pause in reflection
Come and see when you sing out in praise
Come and see when you close your door
See, I’m standing there waiting for you.

I sent one just like you
With three words simply to say
To the one who rested under the tree that day:
“Come and see”
“Come and see”
“Come and see”
So go out now and tell them
That I know them already too.
And pray that my Holy Spirit
Will enlighten with vision and truth
“I will never leave or forsake you”
Even when you can’t see
But when your vision is clouded
HEAR what I say to you.
Let my Spirit ignite the flickering flame
Come and see
Come and see
Come and see!

“Come and see”
That is the invitation you give me Lord,
“Come and see”
“We have found the one” I’ll say,
“Come and see”
And I’ll come Lord, I’ll come to you.
And they’ll come Lord, they’ll come to you.
And you will see us coming,
You who know us before we even hear those words,
“Come and see”
You who tell us what only you could know
And then, from us, from mewill pour out praise:
“You are the Son of God, You are the King of Glory!”
And we will hold firm to you, our Rock,
…Hold firm to the great wonders you assure us are to come.
“Come and see”.



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