Friday, January 24, 2014

A blog post! A blog post!???

Yes, I did type that title while saying to myself "A handbag?!" ("Importance of being Earnest" of course!).
But it could be said that it's nearly as surprising to find a post on here as it was for Lady Bracknell to discover that Jack was 'found' in a handbag!
Anyway, enough of that... I decided this evening that, having made attempts over the years to write various poems, I would go on a little journey of rediscovering and gathering them up.  Having found a number buried away in various files on my computer I then started looking through my other (neglected) blog Chelley's View to see what was there... and found a few.  I have to say that the couple I had posted on 'one of those social media type places' though were the ones that I had been most pleased with.  So, having ventured over there, I then came back here - and wow there's a lot of blog to go through!  The last I-don't-know-how-long on here may have just contained sermons (sorry about that!) but there was a lot of stuff before.  And I have to say that I've quite enjoyed starting on the trek of revisiting what was going on in my life, and my head (!) back then.  I haven't got very far yet, and I'm not convinced I actually posted any poems on here, but I'll enjoy the recap!
Oh and just in case you wonder... Molly cat is still as daft and delightful as ever... and getting on a bit now.  But aren't we all!
Ah, it's nice to be back.


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